Easy Call Report 2.0: A “must-have” for Microsoft Teams Call Queue calls!

Communication in the world of modern work is dynamic and demanding. With Easy Call Report 2.0, we offer an innovative solution that optimizes the management of queue calls in Microsoft Teams. The Teams add-on has been specially developed to overcome the challenges associated with missed calls in Microsoft Teams call queues and to increase the efficiency of your team.

Easy Call Report 2.0: Explained in one minute

‎Learn more about Easy Call Report 2.0 by clicking on the video. All features are explained in less than a minute, or scroll down to see the features in detail.

Easy Call Report 2.0

Easy Call Report 2.0: New user interface & improved functionality

Easy Call Report 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up to provide an even more intuitive user interface and improved functionality. The setup process is now significantly simplified and can be carried out via the Easy Platform configuration portal using SSO authentication. There, individual functions can be switched on and off as required.

Quick overview of missed calls

One of the most important innovations is the enhanced display of missed calls as Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams. This feature makes it possible to manage missed calls efficiently and to respond to them swiftly. With just one click, you can initiate a callback or mark the call as answered.

Missed calls are displayed for Teams Direct Routing, Operator Connect and Calling Plan systems. Internal Teams-based calls are also checked.

Easy Call Report 2.0
Easy Call Report 2.0

Advanced call history & integration

Easy Call Report 2.0 now also supports the tracking of answered calls. The call history is clearly displayed in a Teams tab so that employees can see who answered or returned the call at any time. In addition, the integration of Easy Lookup offers the possibility to synchronize calls with your ERP or CRM system to ensure seamless customer communication.

Why Easy Call Report 2.0?

With our solution, you will no longer miss a customer contact due to a missed call. The adaptive card and tab functionality simplifies communication and coordination regarding missed calls and increases the responsiveness of your team. The simple and cost-effective solution for Microsoft Teams not only improves efficiency, but also customer satisfaction.

Start your journey with Easy Call Report 2.0 today and experience how it transforms your call management in Microsoft Teams:

Three versions for different requirements

We offer three versions of Easy Call Report:

  • Basic Version:
    • Call notifications from call queues and auto attendants
    • 5 Voice Apps included
    • Adaptive Cards in Teams
    • Costs: 10 CHF/EUR per month
  • Professional Version:
    • All basic functions plus memo feature
    • Reporting and Teams channel tabs for missed/received calls
    • Integration with Search.ch and Easy Lookup
    • Costs: 15 CHF/EUR per month
  • Enterprise Version:
    • All professional features plus customized cards and Easy Directory integration
    • Custom Routing to your company’s backend systems
    • Costs: 30 CHF/EUR per month

The Basic and Pro versions can each be used for 30 days as a trial. Simply register and try out the first 30 days. You can find more information about the offers as well as prices and trial options here:

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