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Recognize missed and abandoned calls in Microsoft Teams directly

Microsoft Teams Easy Call Report 2.0 – See missed calls in your Teams call queues

Call queues in Teams Phone are a great way to control incoming calls and distribute them to multiple users at the same time. However, there is one drawback: you don’t see missed calls and have no way to view a call history.

With Teams Easy Call Report we solve this problem for you!

Microsoft Teams Easy-Call-Report Caller Identification

Microsoft Teams Easy Call Report – The simple & inexpensive solution for Microsoft Teams

With Teams Easy Call Report, we offer a simple solution to post all your missed and abandoned calls in call queues directly to a Teams channel.

You can monitor any number of call queues and post the messages either all in the same channel or in different channels. In this way, you can upgrade a long-awaited feature at an affordable price and increase your efficiency at the same time.

The «Quick Action» buttons offer you a quick and easy way to carry out an action. For example, you can make a callback with just one click. If you prefer to write an e-mail, view the caller’s website first or transfer the caller data to your CRM, you have the option of storing customized card layouts (only in Enterprise version).

In version 2.0, you also have the option of displaying an Easy Call Report tab in your channel. This gives you the option of displaying a call history at a glance.

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Adaptive Cards in the Teams channel

Messages about missed calls are sent directly to a Teams channel of your choice. This is done via so-called adaptive cards (see images).

Various actions can be carried out using buttons. For example, click to call back, send e-mails to callers, open the caller’s website or mark a call as completed. Customer-specific actions are also possible using custom cards in the new Easy Call Report Enterprise version.

As Easy Call Report works with various telephone directories (e.g., Entra ID) by default, you can see who has called you at any time. Thanks to the additional integration of Easy Lookup, it is even possible to synchronize the calls with your ERP system or CRM system.

Microsoft Teams Easy-Call-Report Call information card

Tabs in the Teams channel

With Microsoft Teams Easy Call Report 2.0, you now also have the option of displaying missed calls as a tab in a channel. This means you can now see and edit all missed calls at a glance. You can call back or mark the call as answered with one click.

You can also display the answered calls. You can see who has answered or called back the call.

Microsoft Teams Easy-Call-Report Channel register card

Why Microsoft Teams Easy-Call-Report?

Missed calls on call queues are not displayed in Teams – time for a simple solution

Calls are distributed via call queues, which offers a great deal of convenience, but has a significant disadvantage:

  • Not every caller waits until the voicemail announcement comes and therefore hangs up
  • Missed calls in a queue are unfortunately not displayed in Teams
  • Customers cannot be called back because the call has not been registered
  • Microsoft currently does not offer the possibility to see missed calls in call queues

With Teams Easy Call Report it is possible to use all the advantages of call queues without having to do without the missed call report. Communication and coordination regarding missed calls is simplified with Teams Adaptive Cards and Tabs.

What is new in Version 2.0?

Microsoft Teams Easy-Call-Report 2.0 was developed from scratch. The time until calls are displayed as Adaptive Cards has been significantly improved. The set-up process has also been considerably simplified. Installation and setup is now carried out via a dedicated Easy Platform configuration portal. For example, individual features can be switched on and off there. You can also assign call queues/auto attendants to Teams channels yourself via a convenient interface.

New features at a glance

  • Faster call transfer (on average 15 minutes depending on Microsoft)
  • Monitoring of all calls possible, including calling plans, direct routing, Operator Connect and Teams calls
  • Easy Platform configuration portal for simple setup
  • Adaptive Cards for more information in a missed call
  • Call history of answered and missed calls in Teams tabs
  • Integration of Entra ID, and others and Easy Lookup for caller identification
  • Display of people who have answered or answered the call

As individual as your company

Easy Call Report 2.0 is available in three versions. You can switch to a higher version at any time. The minimum contract term is 12 months in each case and is extended automatically.

Further information & conditions

  • The pricing model is a «tiered» model, i.e. the prices apply cumulatively and are calculated on a sliding scale according to actual quantity
  • After purchase, you will receive an e-mail with an installation manual. Tenant activation takes place immediately
  • You can configure Easy Call Report yourself via our new Easy Platform configuration portal)
  • You can manage the subscription yourself via our portal (upgrade & termination)
  • The first 30 days are always a trial period, i.e. billing only takes place after 30 days, and you can cancel at any time during this period
  • After passing the trial period, the minimum contract term is 12 months
  • Payments are processed via Stripe
  • More information in the FAQ (see below)
Function Basic Professional Enterprise

Monitoring of Call Queues / Auto Attendants (Voice Apps)

Included Number of Voice Apps




Easy Platform Configuration Center

Adaptive Cards in Teams

Call Notes

(leave text notes on cards)

Custom Cards

Custom Routing
(Call information can be forwarded to third-party systems)

Integration Integration

Easy Lookup Integration

Easy Directory Integration
(Call queues are displayed in Easy Directory Search)


Teams Channel Tabs
(Missed/answered calls)


per Month




One-Time All Inclusive Support Fee



+ Customizing


Additional Voice Apps (5 per Pack) per month





(by phone/E-Mail ticket, office hours UTC+1 8.30-12.00 / 13.30 – 17.30




How can I purchase Easy Call Report?

You have several options for purchasing Easy Call Report. However, the following applies to all options:

  • The first 30 days are a trial period, i.e. you will only be billed after 30 days, during which time you can cancel at any time
  • Please note that you must assign an Admin Consent (an administrative authorisation) for the setup. This can only be done by a Microsoft 365 administrator in your tenant
  • To configure the Easy Call Report solution, you need an active Teams license and at least one Teams administrator authorization


  • Directly from TwinCap First AG
  • Purchase in EURO or CHF
  • Payment options:
    • Credit card (VISA, Master, Amex)
    • SEPA Direct Debit (EUR)
    • Bank transfer with invoice

From IT reseller

  • Purchase directly from your IT partner
  • IT resellers are welcome to contact us to sell the products directly to their customers
  • Buy directly with us or via Crayon, TD Synnex, Ingram or Wortmann
  • Other distributors are welcome

Microsoft Appsource

  • Buy directly as an end customer from Appsource
  • No support fee of 300.- Euro/CHF
  • Monthly right of cancellation
  • However, higher monthly fees
  • Payment via credit card or Azure Subscription, FX subject to availability

Subscribe to Easy Call Report


1000 (CHF/EUR)monthly per 5 Voice Apps
  • additional Voice Apps (10.- per Month per 5 Voice Apps)
  • All Inclusive Support One-Time 300.-


1500 (CHF/EUR)monthly per 5 Voice Apps
  • additional Voice Apps (15.- per Month per 5 Voice Apps)
  • All Inclusive Support One-Time 30.-


3000 (CHF/EUR)monthly per 5 Voice Apps
  • additional Voice Apps (20.- per Month per 5 Voice Apps)
  • All Inclusive Support On-Time 300.-

Microsoft Teams Easy-Call-Report Installation Guide & FAQs

You can find the Easy Call Report installation manual and the FAQs on the link below:

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