Easy Call Report 1.0 will no longer work in October 2024!

Microsoft has announced a change that will also affect Easy Call Report 1.0: Incoming webhooks will be discontinued as of October 01, 2024. The creation of new webhooks will no longer work from August 15, 2024.

As a result, it will no longer be possible for Easy Call Report 1.0 to send information about missed calls! We strongly encourage you to migrate to our new solution Easy Call Report 2.0. This is not affected by this change as Easy Call Report 2.0 is based on a different technology.

All Easy Call Report 1.0 customers are currently seeing the following message:

Action Required: O365 connectors within Teams will be deprecated and notifications from this service will stop. Learn more about the timing and how the Workflows app provides a more flexible and secure experience. If you want to continue receiving these types of messages, you can use a workflow to post messages from a webhook request. Set up workflow

Migrate to Easy Call Report 2.0 now

Easy Call Report 1.0 was replaced by the completely newly developed version 2.0 in April 2024. Easy Call Report 2.0 offers a wide range of new functions and options:

New features at a glance:

  • Faster call transfer (on average 15 minutes depending on Microsoft)
  • Monitoring of all calls possible, including calling plans, direct routing, Operator Connect and Teams calls
  • Easy Platform configuration portal for simple setup and configuration of your call queues
  • Adaptive Cards for more information in a missed call
  • Call history of answered and missed calls in Teams tabs
  • Integration of Entra ID, Search.ch or others and Easy Lookup for caller identification
  • Display of people who have answered or answered the call
  • Tagging, filtering and grouping of calls

If you switch from Easy Call Report 1.0 to 2.0 now, the one-time support fee of CHF/EUR 300 will be waived!

Easy Call Report 2.0: Overview in a minute

Find out more about Easy Call Report 2.0 by clicking on the video. All functions are explained in less than a minute.

How can I migrate to Easy Call Report 2.0?

We support you with the migration to Easy Call Report 2.0! The migration only takes approx. 15 minutes (depending on the number of call queues and additional function requests):

  1. Book an appointment at ECRv1 Migration
  2. Your existing licenses will be credited pro rata temporis
  3. Our staff will support you with the installation and initial setup of Easy Call Report 2.0
  4. You configure Easy Call Report 2.0 according to your needs
  5. Easy Call Report 1.0 is automatically deactivated after one week

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