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Get connected and use your contacts!

Office 365 Contact Synchronization

Are you annoyed by incomplete or missing contacts on your mobile? You do not recognize who is calling you from the office? With our solution we provide a remedy, simple and inexpensive.

Office 365 Contact Synch

Key Features Office 365 Contact Synch

Benefit from the following advantages with Office 365 Contact Synchronization

Caller identification

Enable automatic caller identification, for example of work colleagues, customers and suppliers on the smartphone or in Microsoft Teams (*requires Enterprise license as well as Teams DR) and Outlook.

Centralized data source

Keep Outlook contacts centralized, no redundancies and lost contacts when employees leave. Any data source that is accessible is possible (ERP, CRM, custom DB, CSV, Exchange Mailbox etc.).

Always up to date

All employees always have up-to-date contact information, whether from colleagues at work or from central contact sources in Office 365.

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Initial Situation for Office 365 Contact Synch

The standard at many companies.

  • Contact data of customers, suppliers and partners is not managed centrally, especially on mobile devices.
  • Employees keep their personal contacts in Outlook or on the mobile itself.
  • This creates unnecessary effort for employees as well as redundant, decentralized address data.
  • The quality of the contacts is not ensured.
  • When an employee leaves, information is often lost.
  • There is no caller identification on enduser devices because not all contacts are available in the personal contact folder. Not even work colleagues are recognized.

Office 365 Contact Synch – a simple Solution

TwinCap First offers with Office 365 Contact Synchronization a simple solution that addresses the most common problems.

Contacts are synced from a central location to individual mailboxes as desired.

All employees are automatically synchronized from Office 365 and are always available on mobile (if enabled with Outlook Mobile)

Office 365 Contact Synch

Pricing Office 365 Contact Synch

Billing is based on synchronized users per month, either in EURO or CHF.

For customers with more than 250 users, please contact us for indivual pricing options.

Contact Synch

CHF 1 / Userper month

Questions Office 365 Contact Synch

Can I determine which users get which contact details?2022-06-21T02:40:51+02:00

Yes, you determine which users are to receive which contact data on the basis of dynamic or static groups.

Do I need a user (service account) which must have a login with password and rights?2022-06-21T02:40:28+02:00

No account and therefore no direct password is required. Synchronisation takes place with modern Azure apps that work with keys (tokens). The authorisation is minimised to the corresponding needs (read rights to the minimum user attributes with group query, write rights to the contact objects of all users).

Are appropriate licences required for this?2022-06-21T02:40:08+02:00
  • The TwinCap Contact Synch synchronises the Outlook contacts of each user and works with any Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licence.
  • To synchronise contacts from Outlook to Teams (Calling Tab) nothing has to be done, Microsoft does this automatically (for telephony with Teams).
In what form must the contact details be provided?2022-06-21T02:39:44+02:00

The contact data can be provided in any compatible form, e.g. SQL / Oracle DB, Azure AD, CSV, XML, TXT, etc. Direct access via the internet is required to access their data. Direct queries to databases (SQL/Oracle etc.) increase flexibility.

Where is the synchronisation?2022-06-21T02:38:57+02:00
  • The synchronisation runs on a TwinCap First Azure computer on Microsoft Azure in the Netherlands/EU.
  • Access to the source data (e.g. ERP/CRM/DB) must be guaranteed by the customer (firewall /SQL queries etc.).
  • Access to the mailboxes takes place directly via Office 365 Graph API via an Azure app that is released.
Can I also synchronise my data with an OnPrem Exchange installation?2022-06-21T07:05:33+02:00

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only mailboxes that are within Office 365 can be synchronised. If you are running a hybrid installation, all mailboxes that are on Office 365 can be synchronised.

Can I also use the contact data on the Apple Mac?2022-06-21T02:38:09+02:00

You can use the synchronised data on Windows, Mac and Linux. The easiest way to do this is with the Microsoft client applications Outlook and Teams. However, it can also be used with standard ActiveSync clients.

I don’t have a CRM but would like to synchronise all users within the Azure Directory as contacts, is this possible?2022-06-21T02:37:42+02:00

This is fully possible. However, since the contact data (phone number, addresses, mail, etc.) must be read from the Azure AD and not from a DB, synchronisation requires additional rights. These extended rights are also assigned on the Azure App.

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