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The innovative telephony book for Microsoft Teams

Easy Directory for Teams

With Easy Directory you get unified access to all your business contacts in one place. Integrate personal contacts from Outlook, shared contacts from Exchange Online, organizational contacts from your Azure Active Directory or integrate contacts from your third-party ERP or CRM. Furthermore, extend the contact cards with custom additional properties to have all valuable information available easily.

Organise your contacts intuitively with Easy Directory through tags, custom views and numerous other useful features. Turn Microsoft Teams into your preferred contact engine with Easy Directory!

Easy Directory for Teams – Start finding your contacts

Without Easy Directory, employees loose valuable time by searching for contacts in various sources and places. With Easy Directory, they start finding and organizing them easily, centralized in every Microsoft Teams client (Desktop, Mobile, and Web). They gain time for more value-adding tasks.

Learn why you use Easy Directory in your Microsoft Teams tenant.

Multiple contact sources

Integrate contacts from the following sources:

  • Exchange Online (personal contacts and shared contacts)
  • Azure Active Directory (your Microsoft 365 users)
  • Third-party ERP or CRM (*)

Access your favorite contacts

Create contacts that you use frequently as favourites in Teams Easy Directory. Be it for contacts from customer projects, for internal colleagues or, of course, also when it comes to your personal contacts from Outlook. When you start Easy Directory, these are always displayed directly.

Synchronize Contacts

Synchronise contacts from different sources directly into your personal Outlook contact folder. This way you can use the contacts wherever you have Outlook installed, e.g. on iPhone or Android devices. The contacts always remain up-to-date in your Outlook.

Quick Actions

See the Teams presence as well as the user photo in internal (or federated) Microsoft 365 contacts. Start a Teams call, video call or chat directly. Dial phone numbers with just one click. Initiate composing an email and also view locations directly on Google Maps with one click on the address. Also get access to company-specific contact info (attributes of CRM/ERP systems) if you integrate a CRM/ERP with Easy Directory.

Organize Contacts Intuitively

Organise your contacts by tags and extend the Easy Directory Search with useful filtering options. For example, tag users from your organization by department and display them filtered or grouped by department.

Save any search or filter configuration in a custom view, which is then available to you at any time.

Add Custom Additional Attributes

If you maintain additional contact attributes in Azure Active Directory or in one of your third-party systems (for example, an ERP/CRM), you can also integrate these (up to 10 attributes each) in Easy Directory. For example, you can integrate customer numbers, responsible persons, dates or other information attributes that you need for your business into Easy Directory. (*)

(*) this feature requires the exented version (or additional components) of Easy Directory. Please contact us for more information.


How to get started?

To purchase Easy Directory or to test it for 30 days, you have several options. Please note that you need an Admin Consent (corresponding administrative authorisation) by a Microsoft 365 administrator in your tenant to use it.

  1. Open Easy Directory directly in Microsoft Teams App Store
  2. Open Easy Directory directly in Microsoft Teams Admin Center and configure the app for your organization

Terms & Conditions

  • The pricing model is a «tiered» model, i.e. the more licences are purchased, the cheaper it becomes
  • Licences are concurrent, i.e. the app measures the number of concurrently active users
  • An active user receives a licence when using the app for the first time, this then counts as «active» for 30 days, if the user does not use the app, the licence becomes free again for the next user
  • You can manage the subscription via the Easy Directory Subscription Portal or via the Microsoft Admin Center
  • Payments are processed via Microsoft
  • The app can be tested free of charge for 1 month
  • Payment options depend on country/tenant, but mainly major credit cards
  • For more information, please see the FAQ section (see below)

Important note

Please note that your users must be configured for Microsoft Teams PSTN calls in order to use the full functionality of Easy Directory and initiate PSTN calls directly. See our offerings for Teams direct routing

Standard Version

The standard version contains the following features:

  • Standard data sources
    • Exchange Online (Personal contacts)
    • Exchange Online (Shared mailboxes)
    • Azure Active Directory
  • Search result filters
  • Favorite contacts
  • Synch contacts
  • Quick Actions
  • Easy copy & paste functionality

Pricing information can be found directly in the Teams offering, Teams Admin Center offering or also in the SaaS offering.

Extended Version

The extended version contains all features of the standard version. Additionally, the extended version of Easy Directory offers the possibility to integrate your third-party ERP or CRM systems and custom additional attributes (Azure AD & Exchange online attributes).

Therefore, the add-on Easy Contact Synch can be purchased on our website. After the installation and configuration, those contacts are available through Easy Directory as well. Please contact us if you are looking for an integration.

Contact us

We are at your disposal for further information. There are two ways to get in touch with us. Book a Microsoft Teams appointment directly or leave us your details via the form.

Book a Teams Meeting with our consultant directly online. You will then receive an invitation by e-mail and can start the Teams Meeting with the attached link or dial in with a dial-in number.