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Directly see missed CQ calls in Teams

Teams Easy Call Report – See missed calls in call queues!

Call queues in Teams Phone are a great way to control incoming calls and distribute them to multiple users at the same time. However, there is one drawback: you don’t see missed calls.

With Teams Easy Call Report we solve this problem for you!

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Teams Easy Call Report

Key Features Teams Easy Call Report

Take advantage of the following benefits with the Teams Easy Call Report solution. Watch the video below for a demo of the basic Teams Easy Call Report feature.

Message Cards im Teams Channel

Messages about missed calls are sent directly to a Teams Channel of your choice. This is done via so-called cards (see also pictures in the title).

Buttons can be used to perform various actions. For example call backs by click, send email to caller, open website of caller or even open a «» entry. Customized actions are also possible.

Collaboration in Teams

Increase your efficiency in coordinating callbacks with Teams.

Users can start a thread per message and thus, for example, inform other team members that the callback has already been completed.

By tagging other team members, callbacks can be easily assigned or delegated to teammates.

Missed calls statistics

If you wish, we can also post daily or semi-daily statistics to your channel.

This statistic shows which of your call queue calls were answered or missed in a specific queue. The data can be enriched with further information, for example from a CRM or from «». Ask us, we will be happy to check other uses.

Starting point for teams Easy Call Report

Missed calls on call queues are not displayed in teams – time for a simple solution

Calls are distributed via call queues, this offers a lot of comfort, but has a significant disadvantage:

  • Not every caller waits until the voicemail announcement comes and therefore hangs up
  • Missed calls in a queue are unfortunately not displayed in teams
  • Customers cannot be called back because the call was not registered
  • Microsoft currently does not offer the possibility to see missed calls in CQs

With Teams Easy Call Report, it is possible to take advantage of all the benefits of call queues without sacrificing the reporting of missed calls. Communication and coordination regarding missed calls is simplified through Teams Message Cards and Threads.

Teams Easy Call Report – a simple & affordable solution

We offer Teams Easy Call Report, a simple solution to post all your missed calls in call queues, directly to a Teams channel.

You can monitor any number of call queues and choose to post them all to the same channel or to different channels. This way you can upgrade a long desired feature at an affordable price and increase your efficiency at the same time.

The «Quick Action» buttons offer you a way to quickly and easily perform an action. For example, you can perform a callback with just one click. If you prefer to write an email or view the caller’s website first, there are more buttons available.

Teams Easy Lookup

Teams Easy Lookup FAQ

How does Teams Easy Call Report work?2022-02-28T17:13:29+01:00

For Easy Call Report to work, you authorize our Azure AD app to read your tenant’s call history. Our service will then query your tenant’s call history once an hour, and determine which calls on the call queues you specified were not answered. For each missed call, a message is then posted to the Teams Channel of your choice.

How will I be notified about missed calls in a call queue?2022-02-28T17:12:45+01:00

Each employee can configure the channel notifications for themselves.

With which providers can I use Teams Easy Call Report?2022-02-28T17:12:10+01:00

You can choose any Teams Direct Routing provider. You do not have to purchase Teams Direct Routing from TwinCap First AG.

Are there any other requirements?2022-05-05T06:30:47+02:00
For all your teams channels which should receive messages, an incoming webhook must be set up. You can either do this yourself using our instructions, or we can set it up for you (at cost). In addition, your call queues must be configured in the so-called conference mode.
What precautions do I need to take to use Easy Call Report?2022-02-28T17:11:15+01:00

You need to consider which call queue you want to monitor, and to which channel the messages from each queue should go. You can either post all messages to the same channel, define a separate channel for each queue, or post some queues to separate channels and others to the same channel.

Do I need software for Teams Easy Call Report?2022-02-28T17:10:43+01:00

No. Easy Call Report is a cloud service and works completely without installing any additional software. You don’t need to install or configure anything on your client. (The only requirement is a Teams client and a Teams license).

With which devices is Teams Easy Call Report compatible?2022-02-28T17:10:10+01:00
Easy Call Report is compatible with all Teams clients that support channel messages.
Does the monitoring of my call queues also work if they are behind an auto attendant?2022-02-28T17:09:40+01:00

Yes, for example, if you use business hours and your call queue is nested behind an auto attendant, missed calls to the call queue will still be detected and reported.

How often do I receive missed call notifications in my Teams Channel?2022-02-28T17:09:07+01:00

Teams Easy Call Report checks and reports missed calls once an hour. This is due to the fact that Microsoft does not provide the data / call history in real time.

Can I display the caller’s name in the channel?2022-02-28T17:08:36+01:00

Yes, this is possible. If you have an API key from or your own ERP/CRM has an API, we can make a query to identify the number before sending the message to a Teams Channel.

Is there a limit to how many call queues can be monitored?2022-02-28T17:07:43+01:00

No, you can monitor as many call queues as you like. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Can I use Easy Call Report on my cell phone?2022-02-28T17:05:40+01:00

Yes, Easy Call Report also works on cell phones. The Quick Action buttons are programmed to call back directly via teams and not via the mobile network (mobile number / SIM card).

Can I see the time and date of missed calls?2022-02-28T17:03:31+01:00

Yes, the time and date are displayed on the message card.

Can I see on which call queue a call was missed?2022-02-28T17:02:53+01:00

Yes, the message card shows which call queue the call was for. If your call queue is behind an auto attendant, the name of the auto attendant is displayed.

Does Easy Call Report also work with nested call queues?2022-02-28T17:01:08+01:00

Yes, Easy Call Report recognizes in which queue a call was picked up. If you have an escalation level and a call was only picked up in the overflow call queue, the call will not be reported as missed.

Does Easy Call Report also detect missed calls made outside business hours?2022-02-28T17:00:32+01:00

Yes, Easy Call Report also reports missed calls that were made outside your business hours.

Are there customization options for Easy Call Report?2022-02-28T17:00:06+01:00

Yes, this is possible after consultation. Conceivable scenarios are e.g. the integration into your own ERP or CRM system or the sending of a daily statistic with the number of missed and received calls.

Teams Easy Call Report

Message Card without Easy Lookup

Teams Easy Call Report

Message Card with Easy Lookup

Teams Easy Call Report

Coordination via Thread

Prices Teams Easy Call Report

A quote is provided for the setup, depending on the scope (number of monitored call queues and customizing).

Billing takes place annually. Monitoring up to 10 call queues costs CHF 100.- per year.

If you would like to monitor more than 10 call queues, this is an additional CHF 100.- per additional up to 10 monitored call queues.

Example: Monitoring 15 call queues costs CHF 200.- per year.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


CHF 100 /for 10 monitored Call Queues

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